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Cavy Cache Raz a ma Taz

pic coming soon

Peruvian Boar

Cavy Cache Ty

ty2.jpg (180442 bytes)

Red & White Peruvian Boar    

Cavy Cache

texdiego2.JPG (19341 bytes)

Golden Agouti/Red/White Texel Boar

Cavy Cache

texsowgarw.jpg (24878 bytes)

Golden Agouti/Red/White Texel Sow

Cavy Cache Americans

amerc_oval.jpg (42369 bytes)

White and Satin White "Brothers"

Cavy Cache Pearl

pearl.jpg (19362 bytes)

White Satin American Sow


Cavy Cache Chastity

redwhitecoronetsow.jpg (25255 bytes)

Red & White Coronet Sow







Updated:  Sunday, January 27, 2002

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